9 Benefits of Technical SEO

03 February TOP 9 Benefits of Technical SEO

Just as a sleek, high-performance car needs a well-tuned engine to navigate the roads efficiently, your website requires technical SEO for optimal functionality in the digital landscape.
As businesses strive to establish a formidable online presence, the role of technical SEO has become increasingly pivotal. While content may be king, technical SEO acts as the unsung hero going beyond on-page SEO services to enhance a website’s performance, user experience, and overall visibility on search engines.
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In this blog, we will explore the Top 9 Benefits of Technical SEO for a successful website.

What is a technical SEO?

Technical SEO falls under the broader umbrella of SEO and focuses on enhancing the foundational structure of your website for efficient crawling and indexing by search engines. It addresses various technical aspects, including sitemaps, page speed, URL structure, schema, site navigation, and more.
Ensuring your website is technically optimized is crucial for attracting organic traffic from search engines. Even with well-designed content, the effectiveness is diminished if users encounter difficulties accessing or navigating your site.

Technical SEO

Benefits of Technical SEO

Better site speed

Google’s research indicates that 53% of users are likely to abandon a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
Technical SEO is dedicated to optimizing your website’s performance, with a key emphasis on reducing page load times. A quicker website not only enhances the user experience but also garners favor from search engines, potentially elevating your rankings.
To accelerate websites, technical SEO utilizes strategies such as content delivery networks, passive loading of large files, activation of browser cache, and other speed-enhancing techniques. Speedier sites not only result in enhanced user experiences but also contribute to higher conversion rates.

Enhanced user experience

Technical SEO plays a crucial role in guaranteeing that your website is user-friendly and provides a seamless experience, leading to prolonged page visits and higher conversion rates. A well-organized website, coupled with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, is essential for retaining visitors. The quality of user experience heavily relies on intuitive navigation. The navigation structure on your website should be easy to use and understand, incorporating clear labels, logical groupings, and straightforward menus.

User Experience
Mobile friendly

Mobile friendliness

As the use of smartphones continues to rise, Google places a high priority on responsive mobile friendly websites. Technical SEO ensures that your site is responsive, seamlessly adapting to various screen sizes.
Google considers mobile-friendliness as a direct ranking factor, making it essential for sites to be optimized for mobile with features such as responsive design, fast load times, and accessible navigation on smaller screens to reap benefits.

Mobile users have elevated expectations when it comes to website performance. Pages must be easily readable and usable on phones. Elements like large images, unnecessary plugins, and slow load times can adversely affect the user experience.
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Improved indexing

Technical SEO plays a crucial role in helping search engines comprehend the content and context of your web pages. By incorporating proper schema markup and structured data, you provide search engines with valuable information, leading to more accurate and informative search result snippets.
Considering that Google indexes over 60 trillion URLs globally, it becomes evident that effective technical optimization is essential. Research indicates that Google’s crawlers can only access an average of 54% of web pages without proper technical optimization.

For search engines to efficiently discover, crawl, and index all valuable content on a website, the technical elements must facilitate seamless access. Following technical SEO best practices can result in over 90% of a site’s pages being found and indexed by search engines, unlocking significant benefits through comprehensive indexing.

Enhanced crawlability

Search engines, such as Google, rely on web crawlers to discover and index your web pages. Technical SEO plays a crucial role in optimizing your site’s structure, facilitating easier access and indexing of your content by these crawlers. As a result, your pages are more likely to appear in search results. Efficient indexing of a website’s valuable content requires search engine crawlers to access every page seamlessly. Technical SEO ensures this by incorporating features like submitting an XML sitemap to search engines and establishing proper internal linking between pages, allowing crawlers to discover new content. Moreover, technical SEO addresses and eliminates potential technical errors that could impede crawlers.

Security boost

Implementing robust security measures through technical SEO is instrumental in enhancing user trust and safety online. In an era where digital transactions and the sharing of sensitive information are prevalent, the unfortunate rise of cybercrime has become a significant concern.
Technical SEO contributes to security by configuring an SSL/TLS certificate and enforcing HTTPS, establishing an encrypted connection between a user’s browser and the website. This encryption ensures that sensitive data, such as payment information or personal details, remains protected from interception during transmission.

Security Boost

With technical SEO fortifying defenses, websites experience a reduced risk of data breaches and downtime resulting from hacks or malware infections. The assurance of a secure environment also instills confidence in users, making them more comfortable sharing private information on protected sites. Proactive measures through technical SEO play a crucial role in safeguarding businesses and their customers online.

Structured schema

Structured Data Markup, commonly referred to as Schema, involves incorporating machine-readable code into web pages to assist search engines in comprehending the primary entities and relationships within the content.
By implementing Schema, search engines can interpret and represent the content more effectively when displaying results. Research indicates that pages featuring relevant schema markup experience substantial benefits, including a potential increase in click-through rates of up to 200% for certain entity types.

In addition to Schema, a well-organized and logical URL structure plays a vital role in enhancing navigation for both users and search engines. Technical SEO ensures that your URLs are concise, descriptive, and aligned with best practices, contributing to improved rankings and an enhanced user experience.

Better xml site map

An XML sitemap serves as a navigational guide for search engines, directing them to your most crucial pages. Technical SEO specializes in optimizing your sitemap, ensuring it accurately reflects your site’s structure and content, ultimately contributing to improved search engine rankings. With advanced XML sitemaps, you now have the capability to tag URLs as canonical pages, incorporate structured data for products and articles, and specify page priority levels directly within the sitemap. This additional contextual information provides search engines with a clearer understanding of the relationships between pages and identifies which content holds greater significance.
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Avoid broken links

Focusing on technical SEO provides a significant advantage in identifying and rectifying broken links on your website. Broken links, a common issue, can have adverse effects on both user experience and search engine rankings if not addressed effectively. Broken links give rise to “crawling issues,” hindering search bots from accessing pages, comprehending internal link structures, and accurately indexing content. The diagnosis and resolution of broken links by technical SEO enhance crawlability, facilitating the comprehensive discovery, indexing, and ranking of a website.


From optimizing website speed to ensuring flawless indexing, Technical SEO encompasses a myriad of strategies that go beyond traditional content-focused approaches. Technical SEO if done in the right way, can significantly impact your website’s search engine rankings, user satisfaction, and, ultimately, your business’s online success.
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