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06 July The Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Google My Business Profile

Thanks to Technology, businesses can promote their services and products faster than ever. With smartphones everywhere, you can imagine how fast you can rank your business in organic search and get potential sales by optimizing your business account. Here comes the role of Google My Business optimization that can fetch you immense benefits and help you stay on top of searches. Following here are six GMB optimization tips to appear in front of the right user.

Using the right keywords

Making your business appear in the relevant search results is crucial to make your business grow. Search out for the terms that potential buyers will use while searching for your business. Incorporating these keywords followed by relevant categories can boost your organic traffic thereby scaling your growth.

Reviews matter but only the real ones

Feedback and reviews are another key player in perfecting local SEO. Encourage your customers to share reviews on your GMB profile. Positive reviews from your customers has a lasting effect on your search volumes and credibility. In case of negative reviews, do address them courteously focussing on steps you can take to enhance their future experience. This fosters a sense of community and helps grow meaningful relationships with your buyers.

Mention business contact clearly

Mentioning the business names similar to your other online listings is another crucial GMB profile tips. Mentioning the working and non-working hours also impacts your GMB profile and allows your potential buyers stay informed.

Adding relevant photos and videos

Using professional business and videos showcasing your products, services, interiors, exteriors etc. According to a study by Google, businesses that post photos get 35% more clicks to their website than the business with no photos. You can also add some quick videos to express your brand personality and offering. We recommend you add the following, among others:

  • Exterior photos
  • Interior photos
  • Product photos
  • Photos at work
  • Food & drink photos
  • Common areas
  • Rooms
  • Team photos

List your business products and services

Use Google’s Product editor and Product catalog options to enlist your products. Buyers tend to look for specific products or service providers on Google. The use of detailed descriptions, use cases, and other information about the products also improves your visibility.

Address customer query

Make sure you answer every query about your business raised by customers. The Q&A section aims to educate buyers with useful information negating false and misleading information. You can also flag the question that tends to abuse your Q&A section, reporting it to Google.


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