Boosting Instagram Followers

06 July Best Practices for Boosting Your Instagram Followers

How about you are scrolling through Instagram and you stumble upon an attractive profile? To the point bio, mind-blowing posts and soaring engagement, the account is perfect beyond imagination. Wish you could have the same for your business but wondering about the secret sauce, right? Letting the cat out of the bag, there is no one definite mantra to boost your Instagram followers. However, following these Instagram growth hacks will surely elevate your online presence and help you gain more followers.

Follow-Unfollow and fake followers, are both a big NO

Getting 1k followers in a jiff is enticing, but it’s equally embarrassing to learn that they are bots and that Instagram may not like them. Further, this negates your credibility, making real audiences unfollow you. Remember, you are here to build a meaningful community and create valuable connections.

Optimizing bio

Instagram Marketing starts with how buyers perceive your page in the first look. Craft a scroll-stopping bio with these tips:

  • A clear description of what your account is all about/business
  • Your brand personality
  • A call to action
  • A link to your recent works/products

Reels are the keys

Reels are game changers when it comes to reach and engagement. Our team focuses on creating crisp yet attention-grabbing reels in every business’s Instagram growth strategies. We follow various formats, styles, and layouts to understand the audience and their choices.

Hashtags are dead

Yes, only when they are irrelevant and random. Using the right hashtag can reach a target audience and boost your followers. Our marketing team ensures that our hashtags are creative, unique, popular, and relevant to maximize your reach and visibility.

Content strategy is the ultimate strategy

Maintaining a content calendar and strategy is essential to being on the same page with the latest trends and seasonal moments. Making the content strategy flexible and responsible will keep you ahead of the game.

Cross-posting and collaborations

Collaborating with fellow creators is another Instagram growth hack that enhances brand value and gains trust. Try collaborating on content that aligns with your brand’s goal to reach more audiences and gain followers.

Follow posting time

Scheduling your posts at the right time allows your posts to gain better visibility and reach. Work out at the best time when your audience is online and schedule your posts accordingly.


Boosting followers requires enormous patience and dedication but with the right digital partner, Instagram Marketing is nothing but a cakewalk. With the right tools and fair practices, Webdoux ensures that you have the right audience under your belt. Having an all-in-one marketing partner like us, you get everything under one roof. Contact us today!