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Webdoux was built on the belief that business today face several challenges, many of which can be solved through smarter technology solutions.

Webdoux was founded in 2014, it is a professional web development and digital marketing company specializing in developing web solutions for a wide range of business professionals. We pride ourselves on building quality websites that are tailored to reflect your professional image, as well as effectively market your services and expertise to new and established clients.

Our quality services are Web design, Web development, E-Commerce solutions, CMS development, Mobile application development, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Website maintenance.

From Microsoft certified professionals to open source gurus, our people are experts at what they do and have unparalleled problem solving skills, topped with a thorough understanding of the recent trends in the industry. webdoux is an international community of diverse professionals who are unified in their passion of using technology to achieve results, deliver value and pursue greatness. webdoux’s entrepreneurial spirit is a manifestation of the innovation and creativity with which our people approach problems and seek solutions. We have evolved along with the businesses and the needs of our customers, doing whatever it takes to foster an on-going relationship and to transform our projects into long-term partnerships.

Our Vision: Our Vision is to be a global business partner, delivering highest quality and most consistent services at the best value to clients worldwide.

Why Choose Us ?

The opportunities available with webdoux are endless and that is simply a result of this company's expertise. Due to our rapidly-growing and loyal clientele, webdoux has been regarded as one of the most successful high-quality website design companies in Chennai. The unique qualities of our clients compels webdoux to produce websites that are specific and tailored. We feel that our clients are individuals; Our website design is a direct reflection of that. We feel more than confident in our abilities to provide both functionality and marketing features based on our wide range of services.

We encourage you to contact us so we can discuss the opportunities available in a pressure-free manner. Committing to a website design contract doesn't have to be a financial burden. White media is willing to work with you, not against you, offering reasonable prices for our effective services.

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Our Management - Meet Our Team

Vinod Girija
CEO & Founder
A first - generation entrepreneur and an engineer with almost 6 years of experience in Web development and Online marketing consulting.He Strongly believes in digital marketing and its potential growth can change the marketing approach of any business.
Karthi Jayaraman
Director - Social Media
A serial entrepreneur and CEO & Founder of sociaLMedia guerrillas. With over 20 years of experience in the country's service industry. Before starting sociaLMedia guerrillas he was heading Merinews.com, India's largest citizen journalism news portal and the fourth largest participatory portal across the globe.

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